Things that inspire me to write #43: On Being a Late Bloomer

bird, balloons, tree,

There is nothing crappier than discovering you are the same age as someone who is way more successful than you. Yes,that’s right,  John Greene, the YA author of like a billion awesome novels is just one year older than me!  And yes, I might still be wallowing in a box of Oreos and self pity if I hadn’t stumbled upon On Being a Late Bloomer by Emma Straub.

Though the story she shares in the article still puts me in the ‘past expiry date’ category (she published her first book when she was 30, and I’m already older 34), her thesis is encouraging nonetheless: work hard and stick with it and you’ll get there. Eventually, you’ll get there.

So thank you for this article Emma Straub, it inspires me.

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