Things that inspire me to write #37: Winter solstice


Winter solstice has passed which means over here in the northern hemisphere our days our getting longer, our nights shorter—and if you believe what a lot of new agers, particularly my father, are saying, a new phase of energy in the world is now beginning.

I don’t normally listen to any kind of proclamation that involves words like ‘celestial’ and ‘enlightenment’, however I have to admit that I found myself feeling a little less skeptical last night. I was at the holiday party of one of my mommy friends, Deanne, when she invited me and the rest of her guests to throw bits of cedar, dried flowers in to her backyard blaze. A symbolic gesture of letting go of negativity and embracing new aspirations, she said.

In the spirit of not looking like a grump, I naturally joined right in, and asked the fire to help me become the best writer I can be. Maybe it was all that wood smoke blowing in my face, or maybe it was some Mayan voodoo magic, but I have to admit I felt kind of energized afterwards. Excited even. Maybe the time for achieving new heights really has arrived–for all of us.

So thank you solstice, you inspire me.

2 thoughts on “Things that inspire me to write #37: Winter solstice

    1. And I didn’t even mention the chocolate truffles….mmmm. Nothing like the possible end of the world to give you a reason to indulge.

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