Things that inspire me to write #24: Reading

 Susie Moloney

With a burst of new year’s resolve, I finally pulled a dusty book off the shelf last week and decided to get back to reading! After all, what better way is there to be a better me than through books (especially seeing as I ran out of good shows to watch on Netflix and 30 rock is almost over anyway)?

And I am glad I did. It has been so long since I read, I had almost forgot about all the side benefits  Not only is it entertaining, but a really good book (like my current read, The Thirteen, by Susie Moloney) is like a three week course in creative writing —full of all kinds of details, techniques and devices that I find myself eager to try out  and apply in my own work. And yes, I like reading the bad ones too, its kind of encouraging. Hell, if that got published then it can’t be that hard…

Either way you really can’t lose,

So thank you books, you inspire me.

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