Something I learned about writing today: Covers matter…a lot



Despite that saying about not judging books by covers and all that, they do. Big time.

Just look at all the fervor generated by the recently released version of Anne of Green Gables, featuring a hot blond instead of the classic diminutive red head.  I admit, the change is rather surprising, considering the many reference to the protagonist’s hair color within the story, however the fact remains that the content of the novel wasn’t actually changed. Just the cover. And people are still pissed.

Kind of makes me realize how precious those graphic artist people are.


6 thoughts on “Something I learned about writing today: Covers matter…a lot

  1. Yeah they just put a blonde porn star on my favorite book of all time! They couldn’t find a sexy redhead at least?! Yeah, add me to the pissed group. I would love to know what Megan Follows really thinks of it.

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