My new CV title: toddler management specialist

Probably not the photo editing skills they were looking for...
Probably not what the photo editing skills they were looking for…

Haven taken a year off to rear my human and complete a novel manuscript, I recently decided to hit the old job board and get back into the rodent race. I was actually getting pretty excited about  planning projects that don’t involve Popsicle sticks–until I started reading some job descriptions.

It went something like this:

Nope, never used that design/web management/photo editing program.

Nope, never even heard of that one.

Wasn’t that a movie Tom Hanks directed last year?

I was feeling as un-useful as Percy when he busted his buffers till I remembered something. I completed a 70 000 word manuscript with someone catapulting with jam-covered train engines at my head.

If I can do that, I am pretty sure I can handle any thing Photoshop throws at me.

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