YA author Monique Polak on writing…and job getting

Monique Polak

I recently discovered there is only one thing more daunting than the empty first page of a novel manuscript: the empty first page of CV.

What skills do I have to write about? What words should I use to describe them? How should I format it? And ohmygod what if I use the wrong font and the hiring committee people roll their eyes and  burn it in a bonfire over the photocopier?!

I may sat there staring at all the pudding stains on my computer screen for several hours if I hadn’t remembered a quote from YA author Monique Polak about writing, “If you want to be a writer, there’s really only thing you need to do – WRITE!!!”

In other words, just get started.

Though Monique was referring to fiction writing, the principle definitely applies résumé building. Sure, I may have made a few mistakes in my first few batches and probably won’t hear from those people as result, but I learned from the process of creating them.

Not only is my CV looking quite plump right now (who knew I knew so much?), and surprisingly professional-looking, but I got my first interview request today.

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