Be grateful…or John Green will kick your ass


Sometimes when I read about the latest Top Novels being featured by the NY Times and realize mine isn’t listed because oh yeah, it isn’t PUBLISHED I start to feel sorry for myself. And by sometimes, I mean always.

John Green would probably call that petty.

Talking about the Americans’ access to public education, the YA author advised students to stop lamenting about the magical train or undead hotty that didn’t take them to school that morning and remember that the fact that they are at school at all means that they “are special…and have been chosen for a special mission that was denied to 99.9 percent of all humans ever.”

So yes, I have a laptop, a nice chair, and occasionally, the time to sit with the both of them and create. I may not have a title yet, but that, I suppose is a lot to be thankful for already.

6 thoughts on “Be grateful…or John Green will kick your ass

  1. Sometimes I briefly imagine I could be a writer. And then I remember that it’s not a skill I have particularly honed. You have inspired me to consider focusing on it more. I have the time. And the inclination. And the perseverance. But not necessarily the courage. But it’s not something that I have to share with other people so what do I need the courage for? I’m glad I fell upon this blog when I was searching for work by the author of The queen who stole the sky. I also loved that book. Anyway, have a great week!

  2. Glad to hear it Annabel. And thanks for the comment. I haven’t given myself the time to focus on this blog for a couple weeks and your response has inspired me to do just that!

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