Literary Rejection: ‘Own it’, says Miss Snark

once upon a balloon

I was recently rejected by a literary agency.

It went something like this:

“The pages you sent are well-written and enjoyable, but unfortunately, J did not connect to the story as much as she was hoping to, and so she will not be offering representation”

Of course, this happens a lot these days but this time was particularly painful as my hopes of publication had risen to runaway-helium-balloon like heights at the time due to said agent having earlier requested my complete manuscript. I’m pretty sure that at least two cardiac veins withered and congealed beyond repair.

Still, I do try to learn from these things—its one of my coping mechanisms. So, I was pretty happy to come across this bit of wisdom in Miss. Snark’s First Victim this morning.

Let your rejections be stepping stones to your success.  Pay attention to them, because they are markers of where you are on your journey. .. Are your requests for fulls ending in rejections that are all saying similar things?  LISTEN to those similar things.  They might be pointing to exactly what is broken, so that you can fix it.

In other words, by stepping back and gaining perspective on the overall rejection trends that I have been experiencing, I can transform heart failure into useful manuscript feedback.

Of course I am still not entirely what that feedback is just yet—one step at a time.

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