My mother has started making hats out of old sweaters. When I suggested she start a blog about her repurposed creations, my mom responded by scrunching up her nose like I just gave her tickets to an Eminem concert.

“Why would I do that?” she said.

I tried to tell her about all the amazing wool fanatics she could meet and all the fun hours they could spend sharing their crazy needle threading stories and how they could even start holding knitting parties on Google Hangout and that would be so AWESOME. However, I could tell by how quickly she turned back to her Sudoko puzzle I had lost her. I think I lost myself.

If I am going to improve my pitch, I figure I should start by figuring out why I do it. This is what I came up with:

1. I like to share how I feel and think because sometimes other people say they feel or think that way too. And that makes me feel normal.

2 .I like to share things I make (such as photos of pretty sunsets)  because I like it when people like them. It makes me feel special.

It’s a start, but my mom is  a pretty pragmatic kind of lady—hence her interest in making hats instead of unicorn saddles—and I don’t think these two reasons alone are going to convince her. So tell me fellow bloggers, why do you do it?

Why do you blog?



One thought on “Project GET MY MOM TO BLOG

  1. Dear fellow bloggers, thank you for all the likes and follows from this post. You make me feel loved. I am still hoping to hear some stories about how blogging has helped you do whatever it is you love to do, but if no one feels like sharing that’s okay too. One thing I realized from writing this post is that I have yet taken the risk of sharing my fiction writing with the blogging world for the purposes of getting feedback. I guess that is the next step.

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