Things that inspire me to write #66: Linda Evangelista


When I was sixteen I worked as a fashion model, spending months at a time in Asia’s catologue. Back then, I used to follow the careers of women like Linda Evangelista with envious adoration. She was a goddess to me, a model of the highest statue whose success I always believed was based on her killer cat eyes and towering height.

However, reading this month’s issue of Fashion Magazine, I discovered for the first time that there is more to this super model than super genetics. As the author, David Livingstone, describes in the article, Linda doesn’t just put on clothes, she becomes them. Like an actor or painter, she uses her body and face to express the clothes she is wearing, and in doing so make them come alive–and it is that ability which earned her the place as one of the one of the worlds most famous models. Creativity in something as seemingly simple as putting on a tee-shirt.

So thank you Linda, you inspire me.

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