Facing Old Fears to Save Lost Sweaters

2015-05-24 1452015-05-24 1282015-05-24 157 (1)


I swore I would never do it again.

But, when my friend cancelled at the last minute a couple weeks ago, old sweaters and my mom were counting on me so I had not choice but to brave the camera after 20 years in retirement.

All the hats posted on Bricolage Hats are made out of old wool sweaters, making them eco-friendly, super snuggly and thanks to her felting-skilz, super gorgeous as well.

Was it weird whipping out my old catalogue poses in front of the car dealership I grew up across from and hoping none of my old high school friends drove by? HECK YEAH.

Was it fun getting to control the lighting and set the shot and for once be the boss instead of the girl standing around like a giant useless bowl of vanilla pudding: HELL YEAH.

And I must have not done a totally bad job because **YAY** we just sold our first hat!!

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