Personalized toiletries: every boy’s favorite recess treat!


School is officially starting next week here in Port Moody. I was super excited about all the extra time I’d have for expanding my earring collection till I found out some horrible news: MY SON’S SCHOOL DOES NOT HAVE AN IN-HOUSE CHEF.


That’s right people. Apparently I’m expected to make and pack his lunches EVERYDAY! How am I supposed to find time to do that when I’m already sooo busy sourcing organic, fair-trade, low-carb ingredients for my noon nutrition breaks? Do I need to hire a caterer? Because that could seriously cut into my earring budget.



Then it hit me! I don’t have to eat it, so who cares what I put in there?


Wait till he sees the soft-as-satin treat I’m packing for recess!

DSC_0094 (1)

Though the items featured in this look may not have been organic, fair-trade or even low carb, in keeping with my month-long National Thrift-Store Day theme, they were all procured from thrift stores. They include:

  • Turquoise Jones New York blouse from Crossroads Hospice Society Thrift Store (Port Moody), $6,
  • Navy Lord and Taylor pencil skirt from Value Village (Burnaby), $13
  • Black Clarks Artisan wedges from Value Village (Coquitlam), $20
  • Vintage chandelier earrings (gift)
  • Some random necklace I found in my mom’s jewelry box that she got in Mexico
  • Puke yellow nylons from Target (not technically thrift store find but I AM ONLY HUMAN, plus they were super cheap. Yay bankruptcy sales!), $3.

Total cost (not including jewelry): $42

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