Must Haves Accessories & Dead Birds


So apparently this season’s hot accessory trends are hippy beads, mismatched earrings, delicate little leafy things and basically a bunch of other super boring stuff that I’m never going to wear. Being such a fashion-forward mom, I was super bummed by all the blah.


That is, until it hit me: I CAN SET MY OWN TRENDS! After all, when you are as crafty as me, you can make anything into a killer look.


Household objects, empty bleach bottles . . .


. . . even a dead pigeon. Or was it a squirrel? It was mainly just a bunch of tiny little bones so it was hard to tell.


Of course, there is one accessory that you don’t even need to go to the recycling depot to find and it never goes out of style: attitude.


In honor of my National Thrift Store Day month-long feature, items featured in this look are 90% pre-loved. They include (drum roll):

Total cost for this (mostly) thrift store look: $55

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