Curious George deepened: a reading (ahem, ahem cough cough) by Werner Herzog

“In the city George puts on airs trying to live like a man but is rendered a buffoon.” -Werner Herzog (ish)

I have a lot Curious George in my life these days. In fact, I have at least a dozen of his story plots memorized for the nightly story hour and can hear the animated version playing in the next room as I write this. Suffice it to say, I thought I knew the guy.

However, after hearing one of the primate’s story spoken and interpreted by the famous German documentary producer/director/actor Werner Herzog (okay, or maybe just someone that sounds a lot like him) I have to admit there is a lot more complexity than I had ever realized in those brightly colored pages. I will never look at that balloon scene the same again.

Can’t wait to hear him do Walter the Farting Dog.

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